This page lists some of the major rules of the WoW wiki.

Only admins may edit this page.


  • No vandalism. You may be banned for vandalising repeatedly.
  • Don't edit a page based on your opinion, unless it is a poll or vote. That is what the comments are for.
  • Do not put the sentence "This is not a stub".


  • No-one is allowed to change the badge names or pictures.


  • Do not excessively add categories.
  • All categories must use capitals except for a, the, of, etc.


  • Don't edit another user page, unless it is for a legitimate reason.
  • Never edit somebody else's bot programming. No excuses. However, you may contact the owner if the bot is doing something wrong.
  • Do not intimidate another user, especially an admin, and be polite.
  • Do not access another person's account. I shouldn't even be saying this, but if you do you will be permamently banned from this and possibly other HTIF wikis.
  • If you are an admin, try to be online as often as possible.
  • Do not impersonate an admin.
  • Do not use UAV accounts (accounts used to cheat on something or somewhere) or sockpuppets.
  • Do not waste somebody else's time by making false claims.

User Access Levels

  • Use your access level responsibly. Those who abuse their rank on the wiki face permament rank loss and blockage, including by Wikia Staff.
  • Do not beg to become a rank. Instead, act as if you have got what it takes. You are more likely to get a rank by proving than asking.
  • Do not contradict an admin when they refuse to unblock you or improve your rank. In fact, the admin will have been probably right. If you are blocked, it will be extended.

General Rules

  • Be good natured.
  • Do not enter false info. Three strikes and a month-long ban.
  • Follow the rules well and don't act like a troll. For example, if you are not allowed to talk about purple, you would be expected not to talk about violet, indigo or lavender either. You aren't actually forbidden to talk about purple, that's just an example.
  • Keep all information about HTIF confidential and secret. Anybody found leaking information will be permamently banned from all HTIF wikis and the site(s) they posted on will be informed.
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