Any edits made to make this wiki look bad are a part of what is called vandalism, a mainly minor problem that affects many wikis. Different wikis will handle bad-faith editors in different ways, so do not judge one wiki's vandalism policy entirely by reading this one. However, all HTIF wikis use the same Vandalism Policy (see Driving World:Vandalism and Animal World:Vandalism).

What Is VandalismEdit

Tag AbuseEdit

  • Abusing putting tags, like marked for deletion, stub, etc.
  • Removing needed tags.

Content VandalismEdit

  • Adding false information into pages.
  • Adding loads of bad-faith info into pages.
  • Removing true information from pages.
  • Deleting necessary pages, or rapidly adding new pages.
  • Tiepeeng laik diss lawl (which is also spamming).

User VandalismEdit

  • Making UAV accounts.
  • Giving yourself an offensive name and using a method to show it everywhere (like adding lots of signatures).
  • Bad-faith editing another user's or bot's page.
  • Marking on your account falsely that the account is for sale, a bot, or otherwise impersonating an important WoW user.

System GamingEdit

  • Marking a bad-faith edit as minor.
  • Embedding the bad-faith edit.

Copyright ViolationEdit

  • Uploading a copyright-violated image. However, many users may not know about copyright, so until the user is warned with a template on their user page, they cannot be recognised as vandalising the wiki.

What Isn't VandalismEdit

Accidents / Little KnowledgeEdit

  • Any of the above, assuming that the bad-faith edit was an accident, and that the user is a good-faith editor.
  • Any of the above, assuming that the user hasn't been warned yet.
  • Any of the above, assuming that the user is unfamiliar with wikis.

Mess-Allowed PagesEdit

  • Any of the above, assuming that the edit was on the Sandbox, or another page which intentionally allows messing up.

Edit SummariesEdit

  • Users are encouraged to add an edit summary to every edit, including minor edits. Even a brief summary is better than none. However, the exclusion of an edit summary is not in any way vandalism, and it is permitted.
  • Not marking an edit as minor, though it is encouraged.


  • Adding loads of good-faith content at once, although discuss with an admin about splitting up info into pages.

How You Should RespondEdit


  • If the user hasn't been warned already, warn it with this template. As always, it is important to assume good faith until the user ignores the warnings.

Template:VW01 - Give this to new users who don't know their way around yet. This template encourages the use of the sandbox, the reading of this page, tells them a bit about the wiki, and explains that what they're doing is wrong and they need to stop.


  • If you are an administrator or any rank with administration abilities, you may block the user.
  • If you are not an administrator, you can request that the user be reviewed, and if necessary, blocked.
  • If the user has performed mass vandalism across many wikis, or if the user is a vandalbot, you may contact wikia.

How You Shouldn't RespondEdit

Feeding The TrollsEdit

  • Most vandals are doing what they do because they want attention. So whatever you do, try not to give them attention.
  • Do not use a template to mark somebody who knows that they are vandalising. This only feeds the trolls, or fans the flame.
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