To avoid phishing and other similarly serious downloading scams, the wiki has disallowed some external links. 

What's An Offsite Link?

An offsite link (also known as an external link) is any link which leads to a website which is different to the one the link is on. Although some lead to helpful websites, some lead to harmful ones - and it is difficult to tell them apart just by looking. In this case, any website outside of Wikia is an offsite link.

What Websites are Counted as Offsite Links?

Any website not within or made with MediaWiki.

Are There Any Exceptions?

For your personal website, and connecting to social networks, you may use any website not marked in the dangerous site database. You may use one safemarked offsite link per signature, and you may use offsite links as references.

Remember, never use or go to any link in the dangerous site database, it could be... dangerous.


  • Spam Website - Week Long Block
  • Offensive Website - Month Long Block
  • Virus Website - Permament Block

Also, if the same page(s) is/are vandalised over and over again with offsite links, the page(s) will be blocked for a week.


The wiki activity is moderated daily by C-Bot to check for any offsite links that might have been added.


This page has been blocked.

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