Warships (also known as Vessels) are naval Units that are equipped with some means of attack. There are several main types of warship:

  • Destroyer - Protects larger vessels from other units.
  • Frigate - Multipurpose, fast vessel.
  • Submarine - Torpedoes other vessels, including other submarines.
  • Torpedo Boat - A surface vessel, but otherwise the same as a submarine.
  • Patrol Boat - Used to patrol an area with its speed and manoeuvrability.
  • Minelayer and Minesweeper - Lays and destroys mines respectively.
  • Battleship - Large, heavily armoured warships which attack with huge calibre shells.
  • Aircraft Carrier - Launches aircraft into the air and retrieves them; also known as a naval runway.

There are two main types of groups for warships - convoys and fleets. Convoys include both warships and cargo ships, with the warships' role to protect the freighters from hostile aircraft, vessels (usually battleships and/or submarines), and cruise missiles. Fleets, on the other hand, consist entirely of warships, usually fighting against another fleet.

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