Your Own Campaign Could Become One Of The Official Campaigns

Yes, that's right! If you have the skill to make a high-quality campaign. Your campaign does not have to be built, just planned.

Your Campaign Needs To Include:

  • Videos - At least one every two missions. These videos do not need to be recorded, just planned out as precisely as possible.
  • Missions - Every mission has to involve the player having a task, with the possible exception of a training mission.
  • Outcome - Which countries win the war? Which surrender?
  • Plot - What happens in the war, and in each induvidual mission.
  • Major Characters - Every character needs to have a role, position/squad (for example, driver of the player tank, Victor 7), and status reports (include as many of them as they happen during the campaign) (including KIA, MIA, Injured, Crashed/Destroyed, and Captured). You also need to mark which one is the player and when, if necessary.

Other Rules:

  • You need to post a link to your blogpost in the comments.
    • This may not be an offsite link.
  • You may not include terrorist attacks, or recreate a war which has happened in the last 50 years.
    • You may however, do World War II as it has ended more than 50 years ago.
  • You may not copy copyright-protected campaigns made in other FPS games, without their permission.
    • If a campaign appears too similar, you will be told, and requested for proof of permission from the copyright-holder, or if not possible, requested to cancel the entry.
  • You may not include mass murder of civilians in missions or in videos.
    • You may, however, include reports on the subject.
  • You are not required to add casualties to the player's main squad, though you are required to add casualties to both sides, though this doesn't have to be in a mission or in a video.
    • For example, you may include a fact of mass casualties in a mission briefing.
  • You may only submit one campaign per account.
    • Suspect sockpuppets may be questioned or banned outright.
  • You may not insult other real-life people.
    • However, you may include swearing. So you may include a message like "Oh sh*t, grenade!"
  • The player character may not speak. This rule no longer applies.

Other Notes

  • An age rating will automatically be set based on the content of the campaign. Age ratings for an infantry campaign range from 7-16+, while a jet-fighter campaign can be on any age rating.
  • You may also provide the script, mission objectives, and what basically happens during certain incidents.
  • If your campaign is not officially published as a prize, you may always unofficially publish it and share it.


  • The winning few will have their campaigns officially published, and will gain £400,000 in World of War.
  • All entries which are legal under the rules will be put under a permament vote for favourites. People will get £10,000 in World of War for every vote their campaign receives.
  • All entries which fit the rules will gain £50,000 in World of War.
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