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Firstly, you add the template onto the screen (the position doesn't matter). Afterwards, enter the name of the unit, weapon or page subject in the Template Title. Put an image as File:Unit or Weapon.jpg or .png and then enter the information. You can get either the standard infobox or the unit infobox. You enter the information as follows:



This may be aircraft, armoured vehicle, warship, or infantry.


May be plane, helicopter, tilt-rotor, tank, tank destroyer, artillery, car, truck, personnel carrier, fighting vehicle, submarine, carrier, destroyer, cruiser or battleship.


May be fighter, interceptor, strike fighter, multi-role, maritime, transport plane, transport helicopter, dropship, naval warfare, attack helicopter, electronic warfare, AWACS, rocket artillery, conventional artillery, turreted tank destroyer, armoured car, transport truck, gun truck, armoured personnel carrier, infantry fighting vehicle, light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, super-heavy tank or main battle tank.

Note that normal tank destroyers, normal military cars and normal personnel carriers don't have their own class. For this purpose, just move onto the next piece. Also note that fighting vehicles can only have the class infantry fighting vehicle. Infantry have special types, which may be found here.

Special AbilitiesEdit

If it has any, include VTOL (or any equivalents it may have), CTOL, stealth, or similar things.


The height, length, and width of the unit.

Example:45cm tall, 2m long and 1m wide


The unit's weight.

Country of OriginEdit

The country which first used this unit. If it was multiple countries, include all of them and call the title Countries of Orign.


The country or countries that use the unit.


The company or companies which built the unit. If there are multiple manufacturers, include all of them.


The date the first prototype was built. If this is unavailable, include the year, and if that is unavailable, include [Disputed]


The date this was first built. If this is unavailable, include the year, and if that is unavailable, include [Disputed].

Number BuiltEdit

The number of the unit built. Do not include this row for a specific model. For this row, just include a number with commas as it would be.

Entered ServiceEdit

The date this first saw service. If this is unavailable, put the month and year, or year.


If this is a specific unit model, like the HMS Illustrious (R06), if available put the date or month/year this was ultimately destroyed, scuttled, or sold for scrap, and show the reason. If the reason is unavailable, put [Reason Disputed]. If this was over an entire range of models, like AV-8 Harrier, if available you should put the date or month/year of retirement.

Example:Sunk by torpedo on 7 December 1941

Example:Retired on 24 October 1978



This may be gun, drop weapon or melee.


May be shotgun, rifle, machine gun, knife, mine, or explosive gun


May be bolt-action rifle, sniper rifle, light machinegun, medium machinegun, heavy machinegun, missile launcher, rocket launcher, knife, anti-personnel mine, anti-armour mine or remote mine.

Note that automatic rifles, knives and shock paddles (or defibrillators) do not have a class.

Marking TemplatesEdit

Marking templates, also known as Tags, are templates used to mark a certain characteristic. An example is the HTIF Staff Template:

This user is a staff member of HTIF working for World of War. This means they have full administration powers for this wiki. If you would like to apply to be a member of HTIF, please use the HTIF Staff Application Form, fill in all the requirements, and send the application form to Razgriz Ghost's talk page.

Do not impersonate: you can get blocked for this.

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