Fictional Aircraft are Aircraft that do not exist in real life, and were added to World of War for different purposes, such as events, special game modes, and game balancing.

Airborne FortressesEdit

An Airborne Fortress is a massive aircraft armed with a huge array of firepower, and in some cases even the ability to station other aircraft. They are designed with the intention of having all the capabilities of a battleship, but with the ability to fly. Generally, they are exclusive to AI control, though a minority can be player-flown, but not in all cases. Airborne Fortresses can only be used in huge scale battles.

Heavy Command CruisersEdit

Heavy Command Cruisers are similar to Airborne Fortresses, and can actually be viewed as a subclass. Their difference lies purely in their role, in that they provide similar support to AWACS aircraft by staging large scale operations through their use as an airborne headquarters, sometimes with intercontinental abilities restricted only by their fuel capacity. Heavy Command Cruisers can only be used in huge scale battles.

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